Off The Grid


Location: 343 Sultanpur, MG Road , New Delhi-110030

Category: Commercial

Design Team: Sagar Goyal, Aanchal Sawhney

Area: 1000.0 m2

Project Year:  2015


Final Render
Exploded View Graphic
Exploded View

Designed to be an experience centre rather than a typical showroom, the built form plays with the traditional courtyard typology. The space was designed to allow various interactions of light and volume while providing least obstructions for flexible displays to change, adapt and grow overtime. The building consists of the display zone, two office spaces with common meeting areas and a small pantry.



From an approach that appears like two equal volumes, the visitor walks through the open elongated alleyway. Winding like a miniature maze, the streets offset the frames achieved traditionally through these passages while exposing the visitor to glimpses of the product displays on either side. The passage narrows down with beams overhead behaving as shading pergolas till they reach the courtyard deep within the experience centre and office space. A Champa (Frangipani) tree crowns the court with a sitting ledge around it made from reclaimed wood used from the clients older properties. The same wood is used to clad selective columns in order to hide some retrofitted services and drain pipes. Reminiscent of old streets outside homes in India with open drains, the outdoor spaces are lined with a pebble filled trench functioning as the rain water channel.




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